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57 years old, regained 100% control over the pelvic floor in 4 weeks.

March 15, 2024 2 min read

57 years old, regained 100% control over the pelvic floor in 4 weeks.


As a 57 year old woman who has battled urinary incontinence for the past five years, I have experienced the profound impact it can have on one’s quality of life. Constantly worrying about leaks, limiting activities, and the constant search for solutions had become the norm for me. However, after four weeks of diligently following the Carin Pro program, I can finally say I have found freedom from the worries of urine leaks.


What I especially liked about the Carin Pro program is it’s not another quick fix solution, its comprehensive approach tackles the root causes of urinary incontinence – namely weak muscles. I appreciated the program’s personalized approach, tailored to my specific moments of urine loss. After learning the exercise, I was able to incorporate this directly into my work environment, where I find myself squatting and lifting during my day to day as a nurse. Knowing how to contract my pelvic floor during these moments provides me with a sense of reassurance and support. Although being guided by an app, its holistic approach and combined targeted exercises delivers results. What is important is to really make a routine out of it and follow your 10 minutes of exercises everyday – which is simple yet effective, gradually increasing in intensity. I liked to follow the exercises on my iPad while watching TV in the evening in the living room. After 8 weeks I had regained 80% pelvic floor strength


Overall what I felt set’s Carin Pro apart is its holistic approach and good design. The absorbent underwear was especially comfortable! I think one of the most significant aspect of my experience with Carin pro is my newfound sense of empowerment, no longer feeling defined by this condition, instead I feel I have reclaimed control over my body and life. The fear and embarrassment that once consumed me have been replaced with confidence and freedom. Thanks to Carin Pro I have regained my independence and rediscovered the joy of living life to the fullest. So, if you are struggling with urinary incontinence, regardless of age or severity I definitely recommend giving Carin Pro a try. You don’t need to suffer endless years with urine loss! Reclaim your confidence and vitality.

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