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24 Years old, regained 100% control over the pelvic floor in 4 weeks. C.K

March 15, 2024 2 min read

24 Years old, regained 100% control over the pelvic floor in 4 weeks. C.K

At 24 years old, I C.K embarked on a journey that would not only transform my body but empower my relationship with myself. After years of struggling with pelvic floor issues that left me feeling disconnected and insecure, I decided to take control over my health and wellbeing. I was too young to be brought down by urinary incontinence! Determined, I turned to the internet for inspiration and after some research I came across Carin – a natural non invasive alternative for pelvic floor training. I ordered the Carin Pro set and a week later was set to get started.


During the first week, I faced some challenges. I had trouble fitting this new programme into my daily routine and busyness got in the way. I also had some trouble understanding where my pelvic floor was and needed help to ‘find’ it. But I refused to let uncertainty hold me back, and focused on fitting it in. As each day passed, I noticed subtle improvements. After following the pelvic floor programme for one week I now knew how to connect with my pelvic floor, and I now had a sense of awareness of my core.


By the end of the second week, I felt a glimmer of hope. My perserverance was paying off and I began to notice tangible changes – such as when going over a bump in the car I could contract my pelvic floor and avoid a leakage. My body was starting to incorporate the new lessons learned! I felt a new sense of confidence blossoming within me.


As the programme progressed into the third week, I was feeling very hopeful about my progress. I now even have a few favorite exercises within the Carin Pro app – I had started to remember them and could even do them independentally. I was also managing to fit in 10 minutes of exercises everyday, which was hard to incorporate at the beginning. With each session I celebrated the small victories.


By the fourth week, I had achieved what once seemed impossible – 100% control over my pelvic floor. I was wondering to myself why I hadnt started sooner! I was now done but had a new sense of awareness about my pelvic floor, and thought to myself if it ever comes back I can go back to it. Mission accomplished!

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