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38 Year old, Regained 100% control over pelvic floor in 4 weeks

March 15, 2024 2 min read

38 Year old, Regained 100% control over pelvic floor in 4 weeks


Four weeks ago, I found myself at the crossroads, where I had to confront an issue that had been creeping up on me for years. At 38, with two wonderful boys aged 7 and 3, I should be reveling in the joys of motherhood. Instead, I found myself grappling with a problem that seemed to intensify with each passing day: urine loss.


Like many women, I had hoped it would fade away, a temporary inconvenience swept under the rug of busy days and sleepless nights. And anyways, there is always a bigger pad for that, no need to worry. However as time wore on, my urine loss just grew more pronounced, more debilitating. Every laugh, every sneeze, every bounce on the trampoline with my energetic boys was tinged with the fear of embarassment.


Despite my longing to join them on the trampoline, to share in their carefree laughter and endless energy, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I knew what would happen. The fear of leakage, of being unable to control my own body, held me back.


I wasn’t a sporty person by nature, but the desire to be there for my boys, to engage in their activities without restraint, really fueled me to tackle my urine loss head on. And so, with a mixture of determination and trepidation, I downloaded the Carin Pelvic Floor training app and decided to get started. As I told my children over and over, just try it!


Just reaching that decision to start my pelvic floor training was an achievement in itself, rather than resign myself to silent suffering. The turning point was when I saw actually how many leakages I had everyday, thanks to the Carin sensor. I was quite shocked. But also curious, how doing some simple pelvic floor training exercises, that looked like Pilates, would change that. In any case, the app would give me that overview. How clever!


After four weeks of integrating pelvic floor exercises into my daily life (just 10 minutes!) I already noticed a big difference. I could jump again! And run. I now knew how to contract my pelvic floor during those crucial moments. I was so proud of reclaiming control over muscles long neglected. Maybe I could now go back to my dance class. New hope.


Today as my boys bounce with endless enthusiasm I feel a sense of relief I didn’t wait any longer and took that step. I realize that this journey, through daunting has given me more than just strong pelvic floor muscles. It has also helped me feel myself again and restored my bounce.

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