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February 10, 2021

Valentine’s Day can be just as much fun when spent inside the house - in fact, getting creative and repurposing your home can make the day even more enjoyable!

Here are 10 of the best stay-at-home date ideas for Valentine’s Day this year. 

1.  Cook a themed meal together

Why not recreate the cuisine of your favourite country in your kitchen? Shop for the ingredients you’ll need to make a starter, main, and snacks to cook an entire themed meal together. Here are some ideas: 

  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Italy
  • Morocco
  • Greece
  • India

2.  Bake an impossible cake

Find a multiple-layered, beautifully-decorated cake and see how well you can do at baking it together. Even if it looks nothing like it’s supposed to, it’s sure to taste great and you’ll have a lotof laughs in the process. 

3.  Paint a portrait of each other

This is a hilarious date-night idea, especially if neither of you is particularly gifted at art. Get yourself a large canvas each, some acrylic paints and paintbrushes, and paint a portrait of one another.

Remember to set a timer and lay some newspaper on the floor - the best painting wins a massage!

4.  Have a picnic

Gather a selection of your favourite finger foods and have a picnic together in your living room. You could light candles, play nature sounds, and even put a movie on to create an outdoor-cinema vibe.

5.  Prepare a tasting evening

Choose a food or drink each and create a tasting evening, here are some ideas: 

  • Wine
  • Cheese
  • Beer
  • Cocktails 

6.  Have a games night 

Pull out the board games and have a games night together. Board games are a wonderful way to encourage conversation and connection, and the inner-child/competitive nature in you is sure to come out.

If board games aren’t your thing, you could play cards or chess whilst talking about the future and drinking wine? Now that’s a date-night idea that we can get on board with... 

7.  Create an at-home spa

Dim the lights, light some candles, play soft music, and you’ve got a spa!

Get dressed in your dressing gowns and prepare everything that you’ll need for your at-home spa. Here are some ideas for what you might like to include in your spa: 

  • Face masks
  • Footbath
  • Massage oil
  • Tea
  • Manicure and pedicure set 

8.  Plan your dream holiday

Though we may be stuck at home this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing stopping us from planning our dream holidays! 

Spend the evening researching and selecting a dream location, rental, and activities. Then write an itinerary of your trip, work out how much it’s going to cost, and start manifesting!

9.  Write a bucket list

Creating a bucket list is something that every couple should do. A bucket list provides endless ideas for exciting trips together that will strengthen your relationship whilst allowing you to experience everything that the world has to offer.

If you prefer to stay close to home, why not make a bucket list for things to do in neighbouring countries or even your hometown? 

10.               Visit a museum - online!

Did you know that the world’s most famous museums are offering online tours? Make a date night by visiting a museum somewhere far away - if we can’t go, at least we can pretend!

Here are just a few museums from around the world that you can visit from the comfort of your sofa. 

What will you be doing to celebrate this Valentine’s Day?

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