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April 01, 2021

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about decorating some eggs with the kids to mark the occasion!

Decorating Easter eggs is a great way to get creative whilst providing our children with an activity that’s a little bit different. After all, we’ll bet that you haven’t decorated eggs for at least a year...maybe longer!

Here are 10 simple ideas for decorating Easter eggs this year.

1.  Thread-wrapped eggs

Use coloured string to wrap your eggs from bottom to top. This activity can be a bit tricky for little hands, so is best suited to older children with good motor skills and a lot of patience!

You could create multi-coloured eggs, single-coloured eggs, or a basket of rainbow eggs.

2.  Doodle eggs

The perfect egg-decorating idea for the budding artists and those who like to get expressive through their art. Armed with white eggs and sharpies, let your little ones go wild doodling a selection of eggs just in time for Easter.

3.  Minion eggs

Minion lovers assemble! Creating minion-themed eggs will guarantee heaps of fun in your house over the holidays. You’ll need blue paint for their dungarees, yellow paint for their bodies and heads, as well as a black sharpie for the details. 

4.  Woodland-animal eggs

Why not create an adorable woodland scene using eggs this Easter? You’ll need a variety of brown, beige, and orange paint to create your woodland animals, as well as some felt to create ears for them.

Use a fine black pen to draw their faces.

5.  Heirloom eggs

Heirloom eggs are created using one of the most exciting children’s toys ever - temporary tattoos! Simply paint your eggs in white or another pale colour, then carefully stick metallic-coloured temporary tattoos for a stylish selection of Easter eggs.

6.  Under-the-sea eggs

If your children love sea animals, they could use their eggs to create an underwater wonderland! You’ll need a variety of paints to create the rainbow of colours found under the sea, as well as a black pen to draw in the details. A little felt or tissue paper can be used to add fins to your sea creatures.

7.  Fruit-and-vegetable eggs 

Create fruit-and-vegetable eggs using paint and pens!

You could create strawberries, lemons, carrots, apples, broccoli, oranges - anything that is slightly round in shape! Use paper or felt to add the finishing, leafy touches. 

8.  Watercolour eggs

Watercolour eggs are a beautiful addition to any Easter-egg hunt and decorative Easter scene! And the best part, they’re so much easier to make than they look. Simply paint your eggs white, then add splashes of watercolour to each egg. When it’s dry use a pen to create a floral shape using the watercolour mark.

9.  Botanical eggs

Another garden-themed design for your Easter eggs, but this time with a twist. Paint your eggs black, then use bright paints to design flowers and greenery to the surface of each - beautiful!

10. Baby-chick eggs

A classic Easter egg design that never gets old - baby chicks! Add tiny faces, orange beaks, and feathery wings to a set of yellow eggs to create this Easter classic.

What’s your favourite way to decorate eggs for Easter?

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