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59 Years Old, regained 80% control over the pelvic floor in 5 weeks.

March 13, 2024 2 min read

59 Years Old, regained 80% control over the pelvic floor  in 5 weeks.

Her experience is a great example of how we can make positive impact on womenʼs life. A.L has progressive MS and I spoke to her the day she got back home from the hospital. She has had urine loss for 4 years, since being diagnosed. She is 59 and during the past few years has had several surgeries. Given her mobility is limited she has done the exercises mostly in the laying down position, she has followed the Carin programme for 5 weeks. During the past few years she has been looking for a solution to help her manage her urine loss. She has spoken and been given exercises to follow by a physiotherapist. However she explained, that she found these to be boring and difficult to remember and do. This demotivated her and made her lose interest. With Carin, what she especially liked were the videos and notifications. She felt these helped her keep a routine of really doing the exercises, and gave her an awareness on how to practically implement in her daily life. Like for example, during sneezing. She feels after following the programme for 5 weeks, she is able to control incidents 80% of the time, except when caught of guard. This control has made her feel empowered. Regarding the underwear, she mentioned it had “feminine feel to it” and loved it “its beautiful”. Good absorption and washes very well. The sensor helped her awareness and motivation, and she could not feel it so was easy to forget she was wearing. Although she has progressive MS, these past 5 weeks have helped her greatly improve her quality of life and she is very happy with the results, describing it as an “fantastic product”.

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