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December 06, 2021

Its that time of year again, Christmas is around the corner and its time to decorate the house for cosy cold weather and family meals. With winter weather comes rainy days, perfect for indoor craft days with the kids. What about using that time to prepare some pretty and personal Christmas decorations? Here you can get ideas on some things to make together:

Button tree decorations:

Button wreath christmas

A simple and effective Christmas tree decoration, this can be adapted to all ages. Simply buy bigger or smaller buttons to make it easier or more challenging. You can also make the ‘buttons’ yourself with thick cardboard paper in different colours. See an example here 

Felt wreath:

 Felt wreath

Tired of your wreath leaves of needles falling on the ground? Why not try a felt wreath this year? This eco friendly solution means a wreath for a lifetime and a fun activity for a rainy afternoon. Simply buy some felt samples, in various shades of green and cut them up into strips. Then tie them around a wreath and make an knot. Attach small decorative ornaments to your liking and hang with a red ribbon. Voila! See an example here

Balloon wreath:

 Balloon wreath

A traditional wreath not your type of thing? Maybe this fun balloon wreath is the thing for you instead! For this you will need green balloons, red/peach balloons, wire wrap and fishing line. Follow the instructions on how to make here

Personalised Christmas cards:

 DIY Christmas cards

Bring on the coloured paper, paint and pencils. Its time for personalised Christmas cards. Bring a smile to loved ones face with your very own family cards. Perfect for a cold afternoon, get the kids involved in drawing things that remind you of Christmas. Need inspiration? See here

Felt shapes:

Felt decorations Christmas tree 

Get creative with your grandchildren by making your own tree decorations this year. All you need to do for this is buy colored felt online, some scissors, twine and a glue gun. For younger kids you can help them decorate simple shapes with buttons, pompoms, glitter and for the older kids they can make their own favourite characters.

Decoupaged tissue paper ornament:

Ornament Christmas tree

For this you will need – coloured tissue paper, plastic ball ornaments and ribbon to hang. This can be a great collaboration craft, bringing together both older and younger kids. The younger kids can rip the tissue paper and the older kids can glue it to the ball. Not sure how it works? Check out a tutorial here

Confetti ornaments: 

Confetti ornament

Want to add some bling to your tree? Maybe a confetti ornament is the one for you! For this you will need – a round ornament ball (or any other shape you want to cover), a paintbrush, some glue, and some confetti. Then, simply coat the ball in glue, roll it in a plate of confetti, and voila! You are there. Check out this tutorial to see the step by step. 

Dried citrus ornaments:

Dried citrus fruit ornament

Perfect for a more natural approach, these stunning citrus ornaments almost look like stained glass when you look through them. For this decoration, all you will need are: oranges, parchment paper and natural twine. To make, pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Cut the oranges in slices and place in the oven for approximately 3 hours, turning them over to remain flat. Once they are out of the oven and dry, poke a hole at the top, tie the twine and hang on the tree. 

Marble ornaments:

Marble ornament

Although you already have many ideas here, we couldn’t resist one more! This simple and chic ‘ornament marble-ling’ uses blue nail polish and water as a base. Check out how you can make yours here

 What Christmas craft will you try out this year? We would love to hear!

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