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December 01, 2021

In a world where we want to keep the magic of Christmas alive, but where our kids are also obsessed with technology, how can we bring the two together?

Well, you might be pleased to know that there are lots of ways that you can use technology to keep your kids believing in Santa Claus just a little longer.

Let’s look at 6 of the very best ways that Santa has merged with technology! Here are 6 technology-related ways to keep Santa Claus alive! 

1.  Reindeer Cam

Through Reindeer Cam, your kids can watch Santa’s reindeer live as they eat, play, and prepare for Christmas. Santa Claus will even make a few visits himself to feed the reindeer and read Christmas letters from children around the world.

Why not use this fun technology to check in on the reindeer in the lead-up to Christmas?! You could make a daily or weekly habit of seeing what the reindeer are up to and asking questions about what you think Santa is up to right now. When he’s not on camera of course!

2.  Kringl App

There’s nothing like convincing your children that Santa is real than showing them a photo of him in your living room! The Kringl app superimposes an image of Santa delivering presents directly to your home. And there is nothing more believable than a real-life picture of the man dressed in red. 

3.  Portable North Pole

Upload your child’s name, age, and the city they live in and receive a personalised message for your child from Santa to let them know that he’s received their Christmas gift as well as to give them a tour of his workshop! 

Bear in mind that you will have to upload some personal information to the site - if you don’t feel comfortable with that, there are lots of other tech ways to keep Santa Claus alive! 

4.  Santa Tracker 

Google’s Santa Tracker lets your children follow Santa Claus on his journey around the world as he delivers presents on Christmas Eve. Will they be able to stay up until he gets to your house?! 

5.  @Santa

Believe it or not, Santa has a Twitter account, and he’s a pretty active user! For the slightly older, tech-savvy kids in your home, why not introduce them to Santa’s Twitter account? They can ask him questions and wait for his response in anticipation throughout the year!

6.  Calling Santa

With the ‘Calling Santa’ app, you no longer have to pretend to have Santa’s number and promise your children that you’ll call him. They can call him for themselves! This is a great idea for younger children who will love nothing more than to have a quick conversation with Santa in the lead-up to Christmas.

And just remember, when they’re truly done believing in Santa Claus, that doesn’t mean the magic is over! In fact, it’s a great time to talk to your children about keeping the belief in Santa Claus real for younger children, as well as the fact that the spirit of Christmas is the most important thing.


After all, Santa Claus doesn’t have to be a real person for the holiday season to feel m

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