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53 Years Old, Regained 100% CONTROL OVER THE PELVIC FLOOR IN 6 weeks

March 15, 2024 2 min read

53 Years Old, Regained 100% CONTROL OVER THE PELVIC FLOOR IN 6 weeks


As a 53 year old businesswoman constantly on the move, my life was a whirlwind of meetings, flights, and endless to-do lists. In the background, stress was my constant companion. Amidst this chaos, I struggled with a silent battle: urinary leaks.


It was a humiliating ordeal, to say the least. An accomplished and confident woman my age shouldn’t have to worry about such things, but there I was, constantly on edge, afraid that a sneeze or a laugh might trigger urine loss and wet pants. It wasn’t just a matter of inconvenience, it was affecting my confidence, my social life and even my attempts at dating again after my divorce.


I blamed it on my hectic lifestyle, the stress at work, day in and day out. Perhaps it was the toll of giving birth to a big baby, or maybe it was the endless coffees I consumed to keep up with my demanding schedule. Whatever the cause, I knew I couldn’t go on like this.


Desperate for a solution, I sought help from a pelvic floor specialist. I knew about this physiotherapy specialist from my girlfriends who often made bladder jokes. Six weeks of dedicated effort lay ahead of me, a daunting prospect considering my packed schedule. To help me stick to the program she recommended I download the Carin Pelvic Floor training app. She would also follow my progress from the urine leaks recorded by the Carin Sensor. And when I was travelling, I could send her the results. As a busy woman this was a good solution for me.


The journey was far from easy. It required discipline and commitment, qualities I had honed in the boardroom but struggled to apply to my personal well-being. Yet, with each passing day, I felt a glimmer of hope. The exercises became less arduous, the leaks less frequent. Slowly but surely, I was making progress. The app really helped me stay on track, as I received motivating notifications from Carin.


It wasn’t just physical exercises that helped me on this journey, I had to make lifestyle changes too. Cutting back on coffee was a challenge, but I knew it was necessary for my health. Learning to manage my stress better, carving out moments of peace amidst the chaos, become a priority. The Carin app can also track your fluid intake habits. I came to realize I was drinking 10 coffees a day. That is a lot of caffeine! The physiotherapist thought so too, and recommended I cut down on my coffee intake.


Six weeks later, I was doing daily 10minute pelvic floor exercises and had cut down to two coffees a day. My stress as a result was lower, as was my caffeine intake. This made a huge difference ladies! I couldn’t believe some simple gentle exercises 10 minutes a day and a reduction of caffeine could make such a big difference. Now I am telling my girlfriends with the same problem. Don’t wait! Get started. Just do it. Thank you Carin!

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