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51 Years Old, regained 80% of pelvic floor in 8 weeks.

March 15, 2024 2 min read

51 Years Old, regained 80% of pelvic floor in 8 weeks.

For M.M the journey towards reclaiming control over her pelvic floor health has been a long and arduous one. At 51 years old she had been suffering from urine loss for 23 years after childbirth. This was compounded by raising twin boys. She found herself facing a daily struggle that impacted her quality of life. Despite reaching out to her doctor for assistance in her native Australia, she encountered obstacles in finding the help she needed.


After 23 years of suffering from urine loss, she decided it was time to do something about it. She was tired of years suffering from uncertainty and discomfort. After some online research she came across the Carin Pro training program and was determined to focus on herself this time.


One of the key elements M.M enjoyed from the Carin Pro program was the simplicity and effectiveness of the personalized exercises found in the training program. She liked that they were easily understandable and executable, becoming an integral part of her daily routine. Listening to the video instruction, she felt guided every step of the way and empowered to take control of her pelvic floor health, no longer held back by the lack of guidance. She followed the program for eight weeks and regained 80% of her pelvic floor strength. She was happy with this and it had a positive impact on her quality of life.


Alongside she wore the Carin underwear and its comfort further enhanced her experience with the program. Although she liked the design, she did express a preference for the cotton version, mostly due to her personal comfort preferences.


One of the things that surprised M.M the most was the transformation on her emotional well being. No longer burdened by the constant need to stop and alleviate discomfort, she felt empowered and happy. Each time she had the ability to hold on longer, she reclaimed control over her life. 

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