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March 15, 2024 3 min read



As a woman in my early fifties, my journey towards reclaiming control over my pelvic floor health has been nothing short of challenging. For over two decades, I have battled with urinary incontinence following the birth of my twin boys. What was supposed to be a one of the most joyous moments of my life, turned into a prolonged struggle that seemed never ending.


My experience with urine loss felt like a battle everyday against my own body. Simple tasks at work and at home felt daunting as I constantly worried about leaks and about accidents. Whether I was at work, out with friends, at my exercise class (which I stopped) or even at home, the fear of wet pants and embarrassment loomed over me.


After twenty years I finally decided it was time to discuss my urine loss with a professional. My urine leaks where getting worse and I started to need bigger pads, it was really getting out of control and I needed a solution.


After discussing with the doctor, they advised to try pelvic floor exercising training before seeking surgery. I was nervous to have this conversation but it was a relief once I had it. However, I didn’t even know what my pelvic floor was. Or where to start. My doctor recommended I look for a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Living in remote area of Australia this option was not available. So I started to check on YouTube. Here I was bombarded with information, there where so many videos. I watched a few and started to get the idea. However, where to start? This led me to the Carin Pelvic Floor Training app, a sensor and app that personalizes your pelvic floor exercise program based on your urine leaks. I decided this could be a good option for me, as I could do the training in my own time.


I downloaded the app on my ipad and decided to get started. With cautious optimism I embraced this opportunity. In the beginning I was very motivated. The first week I did my pelvic floor exercises everyday. Then life started to get busy and creep into my training program. However by week 3 I got back on track.


Surprisingly I ended up fitting in my pelvic floor exercises during ‘me time’ in the evening. The carpet in the living room being the perfect place to set up my mat, and the TV distracted me from the exercises (which sometimes can be a bit boring). In the end it was only 10 minutes, and what I realized is that it is more important to do consistently, and if well the TV helps with that, then why not?


Surprisingly after 4 weeks of following the Carin training program I was cured! I couldn’t believe it and as usual, in retrospect, I should have started sooner.


Today as I reflect on my journey, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and empowerment. I no longer live in fear of the next accident and am really enjoying the newfound freedom.


I hope my experience inspires other mamas to look after their pelvic floor and get started! Every day counts and you will be grateful you did. Enjoy!

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