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February 10, 2022

What to do with your energetic kids when it is pouring down with rain and cold outside? Although it might be tempting to plonk yourself on the couch and watch Netflix with a hot chocolate, it may be the perfect opportunity to bond and play with your kiddos. Need some inspiration? We have put together a list of 10 activities that will help keep your kids entertained all day. Here it is!

  1. Hide and Seek:

This classic game never grows old and brings a smile to everyone’s faces. A perfect opportunity for your younger tots to learn how to count to ten and get creative with new hiding places.

  1. Indoor treasure hunt:

This is an easy one to adapt, depending on your kids age. If your child is a bit younger, you could prepare a scavenger style hunt list with the items to find around the house. Or if your kids are a little older you could create custom clue cards that will make it a bit harder. Both are easy to create and can be printed out at home.

  1. Indoor camping:

Who says tents have to stay outside? If you have enough space in your living room this is a great one for you. Give your kids a couple of blankets, pegs, pillow and string and let them get creative building a fortress. Or if you already have a pop up tent, even better!

  1. DIY (doll)house:

Its time to get creative! Get yourself an old shoebox, some crayons, paint,  playdough and anything else you would like to add to your house. Feeling ambitious? Get together a few shoeboxes for stacking

  1. Make pizza together:

Rainy days are the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen. And what is better that getting some help on what is for lunch. Kids can practice cutting up and layering on their own toppings of a pizza. With the best reward of all, getting to eat pizza all together!

  1. Weather craft:

Match the weather outside by painting this scenery.

  1. Make a family photo album together:

For this you will need to prepare a few items in advance such as: a photo album, some stickers, printed photos and some glue. This could be from your recent holiday. 

  1. Tackle a puzzle together:

All you will need here is a table and a jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy the quiet quality time together searching for the right piece

  1. Give each other makeovers:

Get out your brush, pony tails, nail polish, make up, a few items of clothing and let the fun begin! Take turns brushing each others hair, making pony tails and ‘doing your makeup’. If you want to up the challenge, flip through a magazine or pinterest for an inspiration image to copy. 

  1. Write an old fashioned letter:

How special is it these days to receive a proper old fashioned letter in the post? Perhaps one of your loved ones or friends would like that too! Encourage your kids to write a short message to the grandparents or a friend. If your tot is on the younger side, a drawing is equally as lovely.

How do you entertain your kids on a rainy day?

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