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Carin Mini Sensor

Combine the Carin Training App with a Mini Sensor. Strengthen & track progress together.

The Carin Mini sensor helps you detect & identify urine leaks using a discreet vibration technology. You can then use this information to personalize your training by inputting into the app. As a result, the app will recognize problematic exercises and recommend a tailored training program to regain bladder control.

- Personalised training program
- 10 minute workouts / day
- Recovery tracking
- Discreet alert technology
- Mini* sensor that attaches to your own underwear

Carin is developed with the purpose for helping everyday women manage bladder control issues all too common after having children.

We're looking for testers!
We're looking for women who would like to test this new Carin Mini sensor in return for feedback! Interested in trying out this new product? Contact us at hi@carinwear.com