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How to fit pelvic floor training into your day

November 14, 2022 3 min read

How to fit pelvic floor training into your day

For some women, developing a pelvic floor exercise routine can be tough. They are aware of the benefits and how important it is to do your pelvic floor exercises, but somehow life gets in the way and they can’t fit exercising into their day. Unfortunately, this all too common situation affects many women. So how does one turn this around, and turn pelvic floor training exercises into a daily habit? Read further for our Carin users tips to get started: 

  1. Motivation: Deep down, what is really motivating you to start training your pelvic floor. Are those little leaks getting worse? Are leaks stopping you from getting on with your life? Take some time to really think about it, as this will help fuel you to stick to a training program consistently.
  2. Scheduling: Once you have made a decision to start pelvic floor training, take the first few weeks to try out a ‘training schedule’. Give yourself some space to test out different times of the day to follow the 10 min training, until you find what works. Usually the first week you may feel very motivated and adaptive. But what is important is to find a realist time of day for you to keep it up. That is critical.
  3. Exercise program: Choosing an exercise program can be difficult for some women. There can be an overwhelming amount of information out there. The internet is an amazing resource of info on the pelvic floor, but it is important to choose carefully. You can find exercises on blog posts & youtube but it can be overwhelming. For this reason we have put together the Carin pelvic floor programme, created by health experts, that react to your sensor data and put together a personalised training programme for you. This way you don’t have to think about the exercises, and can just focus on fitting them into your day (which is already a big step!)
  4. Making pelvic floor exercises routine: The best way to get rid of urine leaks is sticking to a routine and training programme. But how to fit them in? Some women choose these moments of the day, to become more conscious. Here are some daily activities to keep in mind:

Bedtime/Morning time: Before you get out of bed in the morning or in the evening, take 5-10min to do those pelvic floor exercises.

Driving: Some women spend quite a bit of time in the car commuting. Why not use that time to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles? Your cue could be at the red traffic light when waiting for it to turn green. Contract. Relax. Contract. Relax. 

Watching TV: Have you ever tried watching tv and doing your pelvic floor exercises? Some women find it relaxing to get their mat out, lay it in the living room and watch their favourite show whilst doing their pelvic floor exercises. 

At work: Depending on your type of work, this situation could also be a possibility. If you are sitting in your chair at work, you could take 5min to contract and relax sporadically. Of if you have any heavy lifting in your day, take care to contract your core and implement the techniques used.

Overall, from what we have seen, women that integrate pelvic floor training into their day to day life have the best results. The trick is to make sure to really integrate them and make them happen. Good luck with it!

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